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just keep clicking

40 Four Word Truths

Nihilism is a copout

Step One is starting

Good writing scales vision

Meandering curiosity risks dilletantism

Bad code kills companies

Thoughtful perks foster culture

Personality is not fixed

Missing semi-colon, failed demo. (Ancient Chinese proverb I believe)

Diversity isn’t just quota

DevX manifests in UX

Actions talk, emails lie

Unconscious biases are inefficient

Decisiveness saves valuable time

Dataless decisions encourage meandering

Bureaucracy encourages can-kicker decisionmaking

Non-negatable statements are platitudes

Some codebases are irredeemable

Stoicism is an antidepressant

Personal motivation trumps greed

The house always wins

Most meetings are unnecessary

Separating responsibilities is architecture

The compiler never lies

Code controls your behavior

Your mind will decay

False assumptions waste time

Employees keenly identify bullshit

“True memory” is oxymoronic

Cultures are adaptive machines (Eric Raymond’s, not mine)

Style points always matter

Good art morphs minds

Personal progress accumulates exponentially

Isolation breeds genuine individuality

Vapid corporate-speak veneers greed

Things continue without you

Cowards hide behind bureaucracy

Self-centeredness is always self-defeating

Discursive thought wastes energy

Lasting lessons require suffering

Nostalgia guilds the Past

Creative constraints enforce innovation

Creativity cannot be mandated

Experimentation yields quicker answers

Idle speculation hinders experimentation

Mental narratives warp reality